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Hidden Gem Pressure Washing business was conceived after cleaning my personal property with a small expensive pressure washer from a local retail store. My drive to always strive for the absolute best results took over, which also coincided with the disappointment of my expensive retail pressure washer breaking down. I immediately began researching for state of the art equipment and the most advanced methods in the industry. My vision began forming to build a business that would bring the satisfaction of uncovering the beauty of concrete, brick, stone, wood and retaining walls hidden under years of mold, sap, and dirt. Allowing property owners to fully enjoy their investment without breaking their back and bank account.. ?

Hidden Gem's mission is to provide the service of maintaining and preserving the investment of all property owners, both commercial and residential in an economical, efficient and professional manner. Hidden Gem will strive, so that all property owners will see their property clean like never before.

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